Mars In Pisces Is Here And You’ll Want To Break Free

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From March 22 to April 30, we will be splashing around the ocean, trying to find a new vision that aligns with our dreams as Mars navigates through the Piscean waters. This is because when Mars, the action planet, moves through gentle Pisces, it ignites a desire within us to break free from the norm and utilize our imagination to channel our energy. While Mars can be aggressive, the zodiac sign Pisces tends to avoid confrontations. When Mars is in Pisces, we may feel like peaceful warriors who strive to navigate through life’s challenges with ease and grace. We’re motivated to go with the flow and make the most of every situation. However, when conflict arises, we swim away in an effort to avoid the negativity.
The combination of the planet Mars and the water sign Pisces can result in a passive-aggressive vibe, as it avoids committing to an argument completely. However, it may subtly let others know when they are wrong. Pisces, being a mutable sign and sensitive to energies, can at times be controlling in their personal lives. This means that on a bad day, Mars in Pisces may exhibit authoritarian behavior as it seeks to maintain power.
Mars in Pisces tends to be unpredictable and inconsistent, making it difficult to anticipate their actions. They may assert dominance over a specific situation at one moment, and then change their minds and swim in a different direction at a later time. Due to their tendency to flip-flop, this placement is not strongly committed to any particular way of thinking. They are quite expressive emotionally, which can lead to conflicts based on assumptions rather than facts.
In matters of romance and sex, Mars in Pisces relies on its creativity and intuition in the bedroom. When it comes to dating, this placement is often the first to suggest role-playing or other activities that will please both themselves and their partner, with a particular focus on satisfying their partner’s desires first and then theirs, since Mars in Pisces is a giver. This placement is compassionate and sympathetic in its approach to sexual relationships, using their intuition to navigate the complexities of partnerships.
The Ten of Cups tarot card is representative of Mars in Pisces. If you look closely at the Ten of Cups, you will see that each cup is on an angle, which means that the water that fills the cups is unsteady, and this pertains to the fact that the energy is uncertain and unstable. At the same time, it’s constant and keeps on moving forward, like most water signs, and is uncertain, and this pertains to the fact that while you may be achieving your desires, it may not be exactly how you wanted the situation to end. This card is a mixed bag of emotions. Some would say it’s the “happily ever after” card. But is a fairy tale ending actually attainable? Once you’ve achieved this outcome, it may not be exactly what you thought it would be — or it could be that you’ve changed your mind. 
Therefore, this is a time in which we will lead with emotion and intuition; our desires will push us forward toward taking action. However, we might serve better the result we want in light of something else coming their way. This is the time in which we can ride the waves as they come and go wherever the tides lead us.  

Important dates for Mars’ transit in Pisces:

March 22: Mars swims into Pisces, igniting our fantasies and dreams.
April 10: Mars and Saturn link up in Pisces, pushing us towards success. 
April 19: Mars sextiles Jupiter in Taurus, bringing positivity and optimism to our overall mindset.
April 19: Mars harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus, helping us attain freedom and autonomy. We’ll want to break from the past and define our own path.
April 29: Mars and Neptune form a conjunction in Pisces. Moving forward can be challenging when it feels like every step forward is followed by a step back, leaving us feeling stuck in the same place. However, instead of fixating on this ambiguity, it’s important to take a moment to contemplate the moves we want to make. 
April 30: Mars enters Aries, igniting our carnal urges and drive to succeed. 

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