Margiela Makes Nameless Perfume That Smells Like A "Green Flash"

If there's a brand that can make even the most unappetizing of things sound attractive, it has to be Margiela. Esoteric, obtuse, and either playfully irreverent or head-scratchingly cerebral (we can't make up our minds!), the house of Martin Maison Margiela never fails to churn out peculiar products that--though perhaps unwearable--always provokes some sort of viscerally amusing reaction. Take their most recent foray into fragrance, for example. Smelling of the hard-to-wear combo of galbanum, box green, incense, bitter orange, and jasmine, the untitled scent has been described as akin to a "green flash," which brings to mind some sort of death-by-Kryptonite scenario (all of which sounds a lot more appealing than the special fragrance they made for their Tokyo store that was 100 perfect vegetable patchouli oil). A 30 ounce bottle retails at $79.90 and is dipped in their distinctive white paint and wrapped with the iconic Margiela white-stitch thread. So Margiela-heads? Breathe easy. The real MMM's departure hasn't minimized the rituals and traditions of the brand, and now, you can smell as loyal as you dress! (WWD)

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