Marc Jacob Enjoys Some Sexy Time With His New Men’s Perfume, Bang

Marc Jacobs hasn't released a men's perfume for a decade, and to make sure his new men's perfume, Bang, gets released with a...well, bang, Marc himself posed nude for the Juergen Teller-shot ads, lying on a silver Mylar bed with a strategically placed oversized bottle. The perfume will be available on July 30 at Marc Jacobs stores and Bloomingdale's, and the nude-and-rude ad will run in select September issues of men's magazines. A more modest version (just the bottle, no Marc) will run in Middle Eastern magazines, and for some reason, will appear with Marc cropped at the shoulder in Peoria, Illinois. Expect more from Marc in the upcoming months with an underwear, lingerie, and cosmetics. (WWD)