8 Makeup Myths, Debunked

Glamsquad_Makeup_Myths_Slide_01Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
Remember experimenting with neon shadows, using eyeliner to draw on fake freckles and moles, and coating ourselves with bronzer to make it look like we'd just returned from a tropical vacation?
While makeup holds the power to temporarily transform our faces, the look we're going for isn't always what we end up with. As a professional makeup artist, I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. In spite of witnessing some unfortunate makeup applications, the truth is, there are very few universal don'ts when it comes to your beauty routine. Ahead, eight classic makeup myths — and why you can stop paying attention to them.

Makeup Causes Breakouts

It isn’t makeup itself that causes breakouts: The real culprit is not removing it before cleansing. Gentle cleansers are only meant to remove extra impurities and trace amounts of makeup, so when you don't take it off first, you may be leaving dirt, oil, and residue on the skin. This is essential to the long-term health of your skin and will keep you looking fresh-faced and flawless every morning. I keep my wipes and cleansing water on my bedside table, so I will go through this routine even on my most exhausting days.

Your Concealer Should Be Lighter Than Your Foundation
Actually, concealer should match your foundation exactly to ensure that it blends seamlessly for picture-perfect skin. Color-correcting concealers (in peach, lavender, and yellow tones) can give your normal concealer a boost when you're using it to mask undereye circles or spots.

You Should Apply Concealer Before Foundation
Nope. You should apply foundation before concealer, allowing it to do its job covering imperfections. Concealer should only be used as needed, to lend a helping hand where foundation didn't quite cover it. Keep in mind that foundation should match your neck and chest. It may sound strange, but women's faces can typically be a shade or two lighter than the rest of their bodies. (This is due to sunscreen usage, brightening-lightening cleansers, or treatments.) And, foundation will blend seamlessly on the face if it matches the chest and neck.

Glamsquad_Makeup_Myths_Slide_02Illustrated by Mary Galloway.

Mineral Makeup Is Better For You Because It’s Made Of Minerals
All makeup contains some minerals, even if the product don’t state it in its name. Conversely, just because something is called a "mineral makeup," that doesn't mean it's great for you either! Know your ingredients and do your research to pick a product that suits you.


Use Bronzer To Contour Your Face
Bronzer should be used to give the face an overall warmth or enhance your natural tan. For contouring, opt instead for a sculpting-contour powder or cream. To find your best shade, search for a natural shadow or crevice on your body, such as your clavicle indention. Your contour color should match that tone, which typically has a more grey than orange base tone.

If You Curl Lashes After You Apply Mascara, Your Lashes Will Fall Out
The reason it's recommended that lashes are curled before mascara application is because they won't hold the curl as readily when mascara is already in place. So, it's not that your lashes will fall out if you curl post-mascara, but that mascara could flake off at the base, where the rubber and metal touch the lashes.

Don't Wear Heavy Lips And Heavy Eyes At The Same Time
Makeup is having a major trend moment, especially during the fall. (Hello, Tom Ford’s new beauty line!) And, more is more. Whatever your style, wear it with flair. As long as makeup is balanced, you are good to go. An attention-grabbing lip can make a simple outfit oh-so-chic, while a heavily-lined lid with a metallic flair can really add an edge. Try them both for an of-the-moment hit of drama.

Always Match Your Lipstick And Nails
This couldn't be more false. Nail art is here to stay, and lipsticks are flying off the shelves in every shade imaginable. Matchy-matchy makeup is a relic of the past. A perfectly coordinated lip-and-nail combo can have an outdated feel. A strong scarlet pout and red nails would evoke a classic — if that's what you're going for — but don't be afraid to forgo the color-coordinated tendency.

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