What Are These Freaky-Looking Makeup Brushes Actually For?

artis embed-1Photo Courtesy of Artís.
We’ve seen makeup come a long way, from thick foundations to barely detectable HD formulas and clumpy mascaras to lengthening tubes. The one thing that hasn’t changed much? Makeup brushes. With the exception of a few brand-specific brushes, these tools have steadily remained consistent in shape, fiber, and design for the most part. Artís Brushes, however, plan to change that.
Founded by a former MAC Cosmetics senior executive, the brushes, which at first glance could be mistaken for spoons or shiny toothbrushes, promise a more even, efficient, and comfortable application when applying makeup to your own face. Traditional makeup brushes, which according to Artís have “never evolved from the watercolor paintbrushes they copy” can result in patchy application plus not to mention all the constant lifting and applying to build color. How exhausting, right?
The video of the Artís story, which exudes all the enthusiasm of an '80s middle school health-ed video, demonstrates how to use each brush and portrays the application process akin to a spa experience. However, real-life results are hard to gauge since it’s hard to tell whether the model is actually applying any makeup in the video, and the brief hand demo uses only powder, omitting how the brushes would work with other textures such as creams or gels. The voiceover also instructs us to glide and shimmy the brushes across our face, but unless you have the perfectly taut skin of a 16-year-old, we wonder if this might actually result in more tugging and pulling.
Some of you might also be feeling some major brush déjà vu — these new tools look almost identical to MAC"s Masterclass trio of brushes that were launched last year. That's because Matthew Waitesmith, the founder of Artis, also provided the designs for the MAC brushes. So, if you liked Masterclass but wished there were more options, then Artis is right up your alley.
We certainly love the marriage between beauty and innovation but we’re not quite sure we’re sold on the functionality of these brushes. What do you guys think? Will these be the makeup brushes of the future? Would you want to take these brushes out for a “shimmy”? If you’ve tried out Artís brushes (or even the MAC Masterclass brushes), do they live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments!
Artís Elite Collection Ten Brush Set, $275, avaliable at Artís.

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