The Pros’ Guide To Glowing Skin — Without Makeup

We’ve all seen the clean, no-makeup look that has dominated Fashion Week for the past few seasons. But, spoiler alert, the look tends to require some product (on runway models, at least — how you actually do “no-makeup” is up to you).
Ask any makeup artist what’s really going on, and he or she will tell you that all the light-reflecting powder in the world won’t make skin look flawless if it isn’t already glowing to start with. The trouble is, even supermodels show up to work with less-than-perfect complexions, especially when hustling from show to show.
That’s where backstage skin care comes in. These are the last-minute hacks makeup artists have honed over the years, when they need to coax out a radiant glow or create a smoother surface, before adding even a drop of foundation. Ahead, makeup gurus and Fashion Week fixtures Gabriel Almodovar, Amy Chin, and Victor Henao reveal their fail-safe tips to getting model-perfect skin.
And best of all, you don’t need a pro kit to try them at home — a few soda cans from your fridge and some product recommendations from Murad are all it takes to get a truly no-makeup glow. Once you see the results, you might just feel like strutting down a runway yourself.

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