10 Lazy-Girl Cleaning Hacks We Got From Professional Cleaners

Illustrated by Amrita Marino.
For most people, cleaning the house is no fun. The less time spent with the Swiffer, the better. But there is good news: Keeping your apartment spic-and-span doesn't have to be as difficult as you might think.
We asked some professional housekeeping experts to share brilliant yet surprisingly simple cleaning hacks to make life easier. These easy and inexpensive time-savers make it easy to MacGyver your chores and streamline your daily cleaning routine — without sweeping the mess under the rug, literally or figuratively. It's time to hack your cleaning tasks and create more time to have fun.
From how to tackle the oven rack that still has remnants from last year's holiday roast to how to remove pesky stickers on new appliances, these cleaning shortcuts are bona fide game-changers.

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