In Miami, A Real Breast Is Hard To Find (According To This Guy)

On top of hurricanes, crime, and the Dolphins, it's one of our city's largest problems. According to the Miami Herald, when the Mad Men-esque crime drama Magic City came down to Florida to shoot their hot, steamy, historically accurate show, they not only had trouble finding women who fit the fuller 1950s mold, they were hard pressed to find any background actors who didn't have anachronistically enhanced breasts (well, except for the men, of course).
Now reading this article and looking around our town, we can certainly sympathize with any casting director attempting to stay true to period while auditioning 21st-century Miamians. We've got piercings, tattoos, waxed chests, nose jobs, thin figures, fake tans, bodies toned from hours on the Cybex machine... you name it. But it was a quote from Magic City's obviously exhausted locals casting director that truly touched our heart: “I’ve actually had better luck finding synchronized swimming groups than I did finding real boobs.” Poor guy. Let's hope his next job has an '80s theme. (Miami Herald)
Photo: Via Miami Herald.

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