How To Achieve A Magazine-Worthy Beauty Look: It’s Not What You Think

You know those perfectly primped models in all the magazine ads? The ones whose hair and makeup looks so effortlessly beautiful? Yeah, apparently (duh, we suppose) it's the exact opposite of effortless: Those glossy gals spend a good amount of time being poked, prodded, brushed, and squished, not to mention edited in post-production.
So, what can aspiring beauty models look forward to? Early morning (like crack-of-dawn early) wake-up calls, being herded to shoots by a handler of some kind, an army of makeup artists working for hours to make your skin seemingly flawless, a hairstylist and about a billion assistants adding a full head's worth of extensions to your mane, a team of fashion stylists who will proceed to stuff you into a variety of outfits and pin you in place with clamps, followed by the actual photo session itself. So much for natural beauty — there's no way anyone could look that way in real life, let alone every day.
Do you think the looks in ads should be more attainable or do you find inspiration in aspirational images? (via You Beauty)
Check out the rest of the steps that go into the making of a perfect picture here.

Photo: Courtesy of Estée Lauder

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