How To Tell If Your Workout Is Working

LUNGES_0213_GeordyPearsonPhotographed by Geordy Pearson.
Sometimes, it can feel like your workout is one of those horrible "Pinterest photo vs. reality" memes. You know, when you feel like you’ve nailed the arm-sculpting, chest-to-floor push-up, only to catch a glimpse in the mirror and realize that your form isn't quite as Nike-ad-worthy as you imagined? Yeah, we're speaking from experience. While using proper form isn’t about capturing the perfect pic, it is what gets you results. And, to make sure you know your workout is actually working, our friends at Women’s Health have put together a cheat sheet for a few common moves.
A simple tip for lunges: Make sure you're taking a wide step, whether you're lunging forwards or backwards. That helps control the movement and keep your knee tracking in proper alignment as you lower down. As for push-ups, a good one should work more than just your arms. The exercise is basically a moving plank; it also recruits the muscles of your chest, shoulders, and core, explains fitness expert Bruce Kelly. One sign that your form is off is if you don’t feel your abs working — or if your lower back starts to ache (that means you’re tucking, not tightening). The simple solution is to start by bracing the muscles of your core before you lower into the push-up.
Click through to see more tips. And, if you do end up wanting to snap a pic of your awesome form, we won’t judge. (Women’s Health)

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