Love Is Cheap: The 11-Cent Valentine

If you're on a budget this V-Day and Veuve Cliquot and Agent Provocateur just aren't within your wallet's reach, it's a good idea to pare down, step back, and go back to the basics when it comes to gifting. Enter, the grocery story paper Valentine. You know, the kind that you traded in grade school, involving illustrations of princesses and superheroes, and slots where you could tie on a Tootsie roll (or three, if you were Brad).
Sadly, now, as an adult, those options seem to be a helluva lot less appealing. This card from U.K. grocery store Asda features their "Smart Price" logo on the front, and "My love for you is priceless" on the inside (even though that "love" does indeed have a price — 11 cents). It may be a penny for your thoughts, but it's an 11x mark-up for your affection — though we're guessing that anyone who gives that card might find themselves being asked for a love-refund. (Daily Mail)

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