A Lost Wallet Is Found After 40 Years, Has Old School Amex And Pics Of Wife In Jaguar Stole

Here's a story we wish this would happen to us (yes, we're talking about that Wang coat we left on a banquette at Lit). A 77 year-old man, Rudolph Resta, found his wallet after 40 years. Resta, a former New York Times employee, was given the lost property back by the Times recently, and they recorded the touching meeting on video. It's well worth the watch—seeing Resta flip through the contents (a purple and white Amex, a picture of his glamorous wife in a "real jaguar" stole, and a clipping of Edward Kennedy's eulogy for his brother Robert) is a moving lunchtime break.

To see more pics, a video, and the whole story, go to New York Times.

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