10 Myths About London, Debunked

If we went by British stereotypes, every guy would act like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill and not, erm, Hugh Grant in real life. Londoners would still be using words like "randy" and "guv'nah," and every problem would be solved by a cuppa tea and a reminder to "keep calm and carry on." If not, Mary Poppins or Harry Potter could just snap their fingers or wave a wand and sort it out.
Of course, that's all very silly, and we Londoners know the real truth about our hometown. Or, do we? Believe it or not, certain myths and inaccuracies — both historical and modern — still persist. Here's one: There is no Queen of England. Elizabeth II's actual title is Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as England hasn't been a sovereign state since 1707. But, you know, it's hard to fit that all on a business card.
Feeling confused? Bear with us. The following myths, urban legends, and misunderstandings have fooled all of us at one point or another. Not anymore!

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