Sweat It Out At These 5 Calorie-Burning Workout Classes

South Florida Boxing
How is it that "work out more" ends up on our resolution list year after year (after year)? We blame it on a poor choice in activities. This year, we resolve to at least sign up for some cardio that doesn't set us up for failure (um, pole dancing in stilettos, anyone?). We did our research, and here's what we came up with: five local workout classes that burn serious calories and also happen to be fun. Like the kind of fun that actually makes us want to go back on day two. And day twenty. Yep, it's time to burn, baby, burn.
IronFlower - 3

Zumba at Iron Flower Fitness
Nothing about Iron Flower Fitness screams gym. And that’s a good thing. So it’s no wonder that its famed Zumba class is more dance party than jazzercise. You will sweat more than you would on a humid night at Cafeina, but at least no one will judge you.

7300 Biscyane Boulevard; 305-640-5270.
Photo: Courtesy of Iron Flower Fitness.
Pilates One

Pilates One
Pilates may not be known for its ability to make you sweat, but the transformation your body will undergo after a few months of practice is undeniable. But that’s regular Pilates. Pilates One owner Jeannine Bergman takes it up a notch by adding cardio and weights to her unique regimen. So get ready to sweat.

3100 S. Dixie Highway; 786-545-6889.
Photo: Courtesy of Pilates One.
power plates-2

Power Plates at Emena Spa
A 30-minute workout that helps you lose weight and reduce cellulite? Where do we sign up? At Emena Spa the one-on-one classes take place in a peaceful studio with plenty of sunlight, so you may even want to extend your session. Okay, maybe not. But there is a little massage at the end!

108 NE 39th Street; 305-438-3777.
Photo: Courtesy of Emena Spa.
Bar Method - 3

Bar Method Miami
So, your dreams of becoming a ballerina never panned out. We've got something better for you. Something that might not leave with toes full of stress fractures. A one-hour Bar Method class that'll indulge all of your dance fantasies — and get you a pair of killer toned legs. There’s not much intense cardio going on in this ballet studio, but we guarantee your muscles will be shaking — literally — by the end of class.

5734 Sunset Drive; 305-668-7738.

Photo: Courtesy of Bar Method.

South Florida Boxing

South Florida Boxing
If you can’t make it through a yoga session or any other such slow-paced nonsense, then South Florida Boxing is for you. South Beach’s sexy locals swear by this place. Maybe it’s all the hot bods in class that provide a nudge of extra motivation? Or maybe it’s the class' ability to scuplt hot bods?

715 Washington Avenue; 305-672-8262.
Photo: By Juan Rivas/Courtesy of Marisa Scime.

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