Summer Reading, Beauty Edition: Lipstick Queen Liptropolis

Since we've reached hoarder status here in the beauty department, we've tried to impose some limits on ourselves when it comes to acquiring new products. Standing our ground has been rough this month, but we've made real strides. So, when we give in without a fight to Liptropolis, Lipstick Queen's latest trio, we won't feel quite so terrible.
The first set in the Lipstick Library series, a lipstick storybook collection, Liptropolis was inspired by the '20s movie, "Metropolis." Each lipstick is named after a neighborhood in Manhattan, where company founder Poppy King claims "you know if a subway is going uptown or downtown by the lips."
Why are we totally craving these lippies, you ask? Each shade — Soho, Central Park, and Upper East — is totally wearable and would look pretty on pretty much everyone, so you're not getting locked into a "what the hell do I do with this color?" situation. It's a new formula for the brand — not opaque, but not quite sheer, and ideal for the unpredictable temperatures of spring. Plus, we're loving the little book-style box they're packaging these babies in (books, so hot right now). Though Liptropolis is only the first member of the The Lipstick Library series, we have a feeling that this is the kind of cliffhanger that we could get used to.
Lipstick Queen Liptropolis, $48, available in May at Barneys.
Photo: Courtesy of Lipstick Queen

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