Marc's Milk Maids, Little Lady Gaga, and X-Girl 1994

Marc Jacobs chose wholesome, milk maid-y, curvalicious women for Louis Vuitton. We will have dessert, thankyouverymuch. (The Cut)
A look at X-Girl, Kim Gordon's riot grrrrl-approved clothing line, from back when MTV was actually cool. (Viva Vena Cava)
Hand models FINALLY get the recognition they deserve. Quick! Match the face to the fingers. (The Big Money)
Terry in Paree, keeping it classy with Miss Daisy. (Terry's Diary)
Watch this little girl perform Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. She doesn't know what she's singing, and the whole thing feels spectacularly inappropriate, but we bet you won't be able to tear your eyes away. (Andrew Andrew)

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