Lindsay Lohan Co-Stars With ShamWow Guy

Before the infamous incarceration, Lindsay Lohan starred in a movie directed by Vince Shlomi, whom you might recognize as the ShamWow! guy. Lohan, clad in her SCRAM bracelet, plays a bastardized version of Marilyn Monroe, packing heat and shooting paparazzi. You could say this renegade spirit is close to both Lohan and Shlomi's hearts—both aren't strangers to criminal activity (Shlomi was arrested last year for allegedly battering a prostitute who "bit his tongue and wouldn't let go"). With these two class-acts on board, this presently unreleased film is bound to be cinematic gold. Okay...more like comedic gold. (TMZ)
Click here to watch the trailer of the film that L.A. Weekly calls "the single most offensive movie ever made."

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