Life on Mars? London Fashion Week Gets All Spacey On Us!

Oh, those crazy London designers! We expect our across-the-pond neighbor to stage a Fashion Week that's kookier, younger, and less safe than others, but is it just us, or have the London collections this season been more out-there than usual? And by "out there" we mean outer-space. Topshop kicked things off with a self-described sci-fi collection, but we think the space-age suits at Richard Nicoll and Jaeger London's Tribble-like fur collars are light-years ahead of our time. Now the only thing we're wondering is how the safety goggles and slick silver jumpsuits will hold up in this recession, or if hard times inevitably make designers look with nostalgia to a better era, one filled with go-go club kids and New Age ravers. Whatever the case, we want to know: Would you blow all your pennies on one of these celestial duds? If you're not sure, behold even more extra-planetary looks below.
Above, from left: Runway looks from Danielle Scutt, Richard Nicoll, and Nathan Jenden.

Above, from left: Runway looks from Jaeger London, Topshop Unique, Richard Nicoll, and Julien Macdonald.

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