Shepard Fairey Gives the People What They Want With First-Ever Career Retrospective

Shepard Fairey, artist and mastermind behind such recognizable work as the Obama "HOPE" poster and all those "Obey Giant" stencils, finally gets his first career retrospective at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston sponsored by Levi's. The exhibit, called "Supply & Demand," is on display 'til August 16th, and shows off some of Fairey's best stuff. We're also on the lookout for a mysterious commemorative collaboration piece that Fairey and Levi's are coming out with in May, though all is mum on what that piece may be. What do you think, dear readers: Will it be something denim-related, like a tote, a jean, a jacket? Or will they throw us a curve ball here and dish up something crazy? Let the guessing begin! 

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