How LELO Is Helping Guys Reach Uncharted Orgasmic Territory

Sex-toy company LELO is on a mission: Get men to discover the pleasure of their prostates. In honor of its new line of prostate-pleasing toys, LELO launched a hilarious video featuring all kinds of couples (majority hetero) talking about their awkward-but-sincere openness to trying out prostate massage. The couples start with a quick primer on male anatomy. Similar to the G-spot, the prostate is hanging out a few inches up inside the body. One way to stimulate it is with a "come-hither" motion with your fingers, up and towards the penis — “like air quotes!” enthuses one of the dudes. Fingers work, and so does this snazzy blue toy that the couples all marvel over. It's called the Loki. The video’s claims are hard to resist: “Global sex surveys say that prostate orgasms are three to 10 times stronger than penile orgasms,” it asserts. A hard-to-quantify claim, no doubt, but who can argue with the desire to have orgasms that are three to 10 times stronger? Plus, LELO is trying to destigmatize sex toys for men — not unlike what many sex-toy companies have done for women in recent years. For example, the brand presents survey results that seem to normalize interest in prostate massage, claiming that "71% of straight men in a relationship have tried or would try a prostate massager." And why not? Seemingly in awe, one of the other dudes remarks, "It’s beautiful... Looks like the future.” Yes, the future is definitely bright — and full of mind-blowing orgasms.

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