Grab A Sweater, It’s Layerin’ Weather!

It seems like, at this point, we're talking about the changing temps and rising winds in every other post. It's like they say — everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Powerless as we may be against fall's chill, it does offer the opportunity for the fun fashion game of layering.
Now, you're probably already going into the season with some experience in out-of-the box layering techniques. But, as we all know, every new year deserves new tricks, and we've turned to the streets to supply you with a few fresh tips. Better yet, we've combed through these pictures from the hawk-eyed photog Melodie Jeng of The NYC Streets and figured out what pieces you can grab at Target to recreate these layered looks. Pretty neat, huh? Now click on — we see some rolling and bunching in your future.