The Highest Ranked Natural Deodorant Right Now

During the summer, whether we're traveling or just hangin' at home, the products we always have in our makeup bags are mattifiers, acne-fighters, and most importantly, deodorant. Especially when the temps have skyrocketed and we're swiping the stuff on a little more frequently, we think it's important to have a natural, aluminum-free option on hand. That's why we turned to our friends at Rank & Style to help us choose which natural deodorant to grab on our next shopping trip. The site uses customer reviews, editors' picks, and overall buzz to figure out which products are going to work the hardest for you. Consider its authors beauty lovers with a penchant for math. After crunching the numbers, Rank & Style named Lavanila's The Healthy Deodorant the winner for its rave online reviews and popularity. On Sephora, user Morgp wrote: Do your armpits a favor and purchase this deodorant! At first it may seem that this deodorant isn't working, but eventually this stuff works like a charm. It has a little bit different consistency than regular drug store deodorants but it becomes second nature in no time. I feel so much better wearing it, it [is] not overpowering, and I don't stink! Say no to aluminum and YES to Lavanila. Not only is this deodorant 100% natural and aluminum-free, it's also loaded with stench-stopping lemon and tea tree oils. Plus, it has soothing soothing aloe vera and goji berries that condition the underarms which is pretty necessary considering all the razor action that area gets.

The Healthy Deodorant, $14, available at Sephora.

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