Lady Gaga Used To Wear Juicy Couture Tracksuits In High School

Prompted by Gaga's crazy-pants outfit she wore to her sister's high school graduation from NYC private school Convent of the Sacred Heart, intrepid nay-sayer and WWD executive editor Bridget Foley did a little digging into Lady Gaga's purported "outcast" high school experience, and came up with a few interesting—though rather catty—bits of info:

• Lady Gaga was an attention seeker, "though not in a bad way."
• She wore a full face of makeup every day.
• She got detention for wearing too-tight polo shirts and Juicy Couture tracksuits on non-uniform days.
• She was teased for being theatrical at school (Glee flashback!), but had plenty of friends
• She wasn't poor! But she also wasn't rich!
• She likes to cuss when Anna Wintour tells her not to

What does it all mean? Everyone likes to make the ugly duckling to graceful swan narrative work, but when it comes to Gaga, her youth was pretty much standard of any privileged, white adolescent living in New York City. However, we might be looking at her songs with another light (Was "Alejandro" born out of a spring break trip to Cancun?). Click for for the entire op-ed. (WWD)

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