Lady Gaga Goes For The Ghoul — Sans Shoes In Berlin

Gaga-MainPhoto: Beretta/RexUSA.
One of the best parts about being Lady Gaga? Living every day like it's Halloween. Case in point: The crazy getup she wore out on the town in Berlin Friday, just for kicks — a ghastly, ghoulish barefoot-ghost look, complete with white paint, ratty hair, and bleached brows.
Just the day before, she appeared at an event in the German capital to promote her new album, ARTPOP, wearing a mustache and super-high heels, so it makes perfect sense (nonsense?) that she'd arrive in public the following day in nothing but a voluminous white tulle dress and paint on her arms and legs.
The truly disturbing part? Not the hair or the dress or the no-eyebrows thing: She's walking around the streets of Berlin without shoes! It may complete the look, but that can't be good.

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