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Lacoste F/W 09 Gets Cozy in Easter Colors With Daisy, Harley, and Assorted Frenchies

Lacoste, a brand known for sporty pieces, has gone lackadaisical for autumn 09. Softly pliant layers is the name of their new game: i.e. draped shawls, hooded cloaks, bathrobesque overcoats, gaucho pants. In short, lotsa slouch. On the other hand, there were a handful of pieces that were more equestrian - fitted blazers and waistcoats - but unexpectedly dipped in pallid Easter-egg hues like heather grey, rusting yellow, muted teal. Of particular note at the show: the white Amelia Earhart caps—definitely a sweet accessory to keep your look high flyin'. In attendance at the show were Harley Viera-Newton and Daisy Lowe, as well as every magazine representative imaginable (Tonchi, Menkes, Lanphear, etc), with lots of Italians and Frenchies thrown in.