Read Up On L.A.’s Coolest New Surf-Centric Art Installation

Maybe you heard about — or were startled by — the family of mysterious sunbathers catching rays in a dirt lot in Downtown L.A. this past May. As it turned out, the dedicated bunch were a papier-mâché art installation. After inciting confusion, curiosity, and even a bit of introspection with their first stunt, it appears NYC-based artist Calder Greenwood and an unnamed co-conspirator keep striking again and again. The second stunt was a family of deer grazing peacefully at the feet of looming downtown skyscrapers and a verdant one-dimensional tree propped up on a hacked-off stump.
Though Greenwood has not taken credit for these installations directly, the most recent work that has cropped up — a silver surfer who seems to have wandered far from home — feels particularly reminiscent to our astray sun worshippers.

Catching waves in the L.A. River between 4th and 6th streets, surrounded by garbage and swirls of polluted water, the ceramics class style surfer is causing quite the stir. Greenwood told the
Los Angeles Times
that they're "getting people to see things." He added, "It takes what's otherwise invisible, and it gets people to notice."

So, if you're hunting for a Kelly Slater doppelgänger, forget sitting in beach traffic — you can spot this guy hanging ten right next to the 405!

Photo: Via LA Weekly

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