Farewell, Kristen Wiig! These 5 SNL Moments Remind Us Why We Love Her

After seven years, Kristen Wiig bid a bittersweet farewell to the SNL stage this past Saturday night. Dressed in a nude peplum dress (so classy and sleek, and so very Kristen), Wiig made us reach for the tissues as she danced with and embraced her cast members and Lorne Michaels while The Rolling Stones' "She's A Rainbow" and "Ruby Tuesday" played in the background, for her tearful final scene.
While we don't suspect we'll never see her "live from New York" ever again (fingers crossed), part of the sadness in seeing Kristen go is realizing how much we'll miss the unsurpassed talent that she brought to the table, episode after episode, year after year. From the most imaginative characters to her spot-on impressions, we're honoring one of our favorite comedians and all-around awesome ladies (Kristen, let's be friends!) with five side-splitting Kristen Wiig SNL moments that will never get old.
Dooneese On The Lawrence Welk Show — Oh, Dooneese. You have more lovable charm in your tiny hands than some people have in their entire bodies. While the character's sense of amusement was pretty sick and twisted, Wiig made Dooneese a crowd favorite, even among her singing, winking sisters.

Photo: Via Saturday Night Live

The Target Lady — "A $50! And it's legit!" Target lady makes the customers in the check-out line feel special with a little extra attention, and sometimes a little TMI. It's hard to picture any other Target lady getting anywhere near Wiig's famous gargle-y voice, over-the-top enthusiasm, and "bangs that go all the way around her head and never stop."
Penelope In Therapy — She's the friend who's always got a story to one-up yours, and if Penelope was a person we knew IRL, we probably wouldn't find it quite so hilarious. But, as an SNL classic — whose best friends are, in fact, Liza Minnelli and a tomato — Penelope is probably the attention-seeker we can't help but love...even in group therapy.
Judy Grimes — She's our favorite! Just kidding. She's not. Just kidding. That's actually how Kristen talks. Just kidding. Okay, well stop. But, seriously, Kristen's interpretation of a Nervous Nellie like Judy Grimes makes us feel a little better about every stuttering, babbling presentation we ever made in a college lecture hall.
Liza Minnelli Turns Off A Lamp — A physical-comedy pro, Kristen channels the one and only "Liza with a Z" to perfection. And she makes us laugh so hard we end up crying, every time we re-watch this one. There aren't too many words that can do this skit justice, so simply watch Wiig wiggle, stretch, and do just about everything else besides turn off a lamp.

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