Kristen Stewart Finally Opens Up About...Balenciaga (Drat!)

Every rose has its thorn...sorry, we couldn't resist. But after much hype, Nicholas Ghesquière's new fragrance for Balenciaga entitled Florabotanica has hit shelves — and the fashion house has released a behind-the-scenes video featuring the designer with the fragrance's controversial frontwoman, Kristen Stewart. Stewart has been having a rough time in the media these days (although we hear that K.Stew and R. Patz have reunited — yay, we think?), so we're guessing that the release of her first fragrance campaign will provide a nice distraction from her personal life.
Appearing as her usual blasé candid self, Kristen is refreshingly frank about appearing as the face of a major fragrance. While other starlets simply go on about their campaign experience being "amazing" and "inspiring," we were pleasantly surprised by what Stewart had to say about the edgy-feminine Florabotanica: "It's light...I want to hide the fact that I've thought about it. It smells clean and pretty and natural and you don't necessarily know that you're wearing something...but you do." Pretty profound, K. Stew!
Media shenanigans aside, we might actually be convinced that the pretty-yet-prickly actress is the perfect fit for a fragrance built around the idea of "beautiful, dangerous flowers." Congratulations,'s hoping that your future with Balenciaga (and Rob) will be all of the lovely things this fragrance promises.
Balenciaga Florabotanica, $125, available at Bergdorf Goodman.
Video: Courtesy of Balenciaga

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