Back Stage With Kristen Munchheimer, Model and Muse for Zero + Maria Cornejo, Member of Band Puddin' Tang

kristen_munchheimerYou were looking pretty intense walking the runway for Zero + Maria Cornejo just then, what were you thinking of?
"Honestly, my mind goes completely blank. I just try to avoid eye contact in case i see anyone i know and burst out laughing."
You obviously have a longstanding relationship with Maria. What is it about her designs that inspires you?
"They are unprecedented in quality, fabric and design, nothing makes me feel as good as when i'm wearing them."
So do you just throw on a cocoon coat and jump on stage with the band?
"Ha yes! Conceptually the clothes are really individual. Two people can be wearing the same thing and it's going to look different, it's a perfect example of you wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you."

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