Kreayshawn's Definitely Cray — & We Kinda Love It!

Kreayshawn's the kind of chick that buys Cheetos with her first record-deal paycheck. And it's that eff-you attitude channeled into quick-tongued lyrics that's earned her three million views on YouTube within three weeks for "Gucci Gucci," over half a million Twitter followers, and a highly coveted spot on Billboard's Social 50 list. Love her or hate her, girl's got unparalleled rhythm, a style all her own, and an album called Somethin' Bout Kreay that officially drops tomorrow.
We can confirm that Kreayshawn's (real name: Natassia Zolot) following has surpassed mere information-superhighway fandom. When R29 took the rogue rapper to the streets of L.A. for snaps of her whackadoodle ways, she literally stopped traffic! Click through to see what Angelenos were flipping for and a glance into the ingenue's live-out-loud life.

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