This K-Beauty Cleanser Completely Transformed My Skin

If there's a skin-care version of hangry, my face has it. Even when I wait just a little too long to wash my makeup off after a long night, my skin starts to rebel against me. But here's the thing: it's also super picky about what I choose to cleanse it with.
Most face washes leave my sensitive, dry skin parched — while the more moisturizing options give it a gross, slimy residue (not exactly what you want from a cleanser). But recently I've discovered the perfect middle ground: this foaming gel by Thank You Farmer.
Thank You Farmer is a new-to-Ulta Korean beauty brand that specializes in simple, natural ingredients. I've tried a few products from the line, but the standout to me is the cleanser.
I know, I know: What could be so special about something you ultimately wash down the drain? But hear me out. I love this gel because it foams into a gentle lather that removes makeup without leaving my skin feeling overly tight or overly greasy (that's thanks to the aloe and shea butter in the formula). It washes off mascara and eyeliner without burning or irritating my eyes, which is a small miracle for me. And, after rinsing, my skin feels like I just did a 20-minute mask — not like I scrubbed it quickly before passing out in bed at 3 a.m. Since using it, my face looks clearer, brighter, and more even, too.
The gel is made specifically for sensitive skin, using natural ingredients like pomegranate and fig extracts, which explains why it's so gentle and nourishing. Another bonus is that I only need one small pump to wash my entire face, which means a bottle lasts a long time and gives you serious bang for your buck. I was skeptical at first, but I think it's safe to say I've finally reached cleanser Nirvana.
Thank You Farmer, Back To Pure Daily Foaming Cleanser, $28, available at Ulta.
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