Rad Or Bad: Would You Get Bitten By These Shark Shoes?

Dun-uh. Dun-uh. Dun-uh dun-uh dun-uh, dum dum dum....SHARK! (That was the Jaws-theme, in case it wasn't clear.) Sure, we have talked about the bizarre sources of inspiration that Kobi Levi has channeled before (chewing-gum shoe included), but this new addition to the art-meets-footwear line has a certain bite. While Miami likes to keep its sharks nowhere near toes, feet, or other extremities, these pumps put a fin on your toe and a gaping, tooth-filled jaw on your heel. Having some fishy fun with style is always a plus, but Levi's pricey pumps will set us back just as much as a brand-new pair of Balenciagas or Louboutins. Is it worth it to make such a splash? Let us know, but galeophobics might want to sit this one out.
Kobi Levi Shark Shoe, $1,680, available at KobiLevi.com.
Photo: Courtesy of Kobi Levi

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