Where Would You Sleep In This 86-Square-Foot Paris Apartment?

Photo: Courtesy of Fabienne Delafraye.
With small-space apartments, there's tiny and then there's tiny. And, we've found a winner for that latter category. Deep in Paris, somewhere on a seventh floor, is an 86-square-foot studio. Yes, that number includes the kitchenette with a hidden sink and single bed in a loft cupboard. It would be tight quarters for the old woman who lived in a shoe.
With the demand for real estate what it is, architecture firm Kitoko transformed the minuscule area (that was originally used as maid's quarters back in the day) into a livable room with pullout amenities for a client's au pair. The result is basically the Swiss Army Knife of spaces. And, while we can't say we're up to trying to live there, it certainly does have everything one would need — think a bookshelf, AC unit, and a step stool that doubles as storage. Click through to watch the video and then head over to Design Boom for more photos to decide if you could make it work.