Kitchit Now Offering Discounts Based On One's Web Popularity

You probably already know how keen on Kitchit we are. The innovative home-dining site brings the brightest culinary stars (Saison’s Josh Skenes, Adam Timney of Starbelly) right to your home kitchen with top-notch service and finger-licking eats all in the ease and comfort of your abode. But, of course that comes at a price, and a slightly steep one at that.
Well, Kitchit has teamed up with Klout (the who’s-who site of social networking) and is providing some pretty sweet discounts. The two Bay Area-based startups are introducing a new “social currency” of sorts. Basically, depending on your Klout ranking you can get up to $500 off your next Kitchit event! Talk about incentive. So, get tweeting, people! But don’t worry — even if you’re a Klout newbie you’ll still save. To receive the discount just log into Klout for the rewards code, then log into Kitchit and redeem. Easy peasy!
Photo: Courtesy of Kitchit

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