Dinner Party Delivered: Have A Hot Local Chef Cater To You At Home

Don’t get us wrong — there’s nothing we love more than hitting up the city’s tastiest restos for some fantastic fare, but sometimes our inner homebody gets a little insistent, and we just can’t resist a quiet night indoors. If you’re like us, and wish you could have the best of both worlds (S.F.’s top chefs plus the comfort of your own home), listen up! New ‘bespoke’ dining website, Kitchit, is about to make your reclusive dreams come true.
This locally based site allows folks to choose from an array of local talent, then hire and welcome the chefs into their own casa for a night of restaurant-worthy wining and dining. From private events to intimate dinner parties (including the prepping and cleaning), Kitchit’s got you covered — seriously, you won’t have to lift a finger.
We know, it sounds too good to be true. That’s why we tapped CEO (and Forbes"30 Under 30" club member) Brendan Marshall to fill us in on all the dining deets. Get the scoop and read about Brendan’s ultimate meal in, dream chef, and more, below!
Tell us more about the site and the inspiration behind it.
"Some of our best memories happen around the dining table. From grabbing a bite with friends to going home for Thanksgiving, food connects us with the people we care about. Kitchit was founded to strengthen these memories by connecting people to top chefs and making dinner parties unique and effortless."
If you could invite any chef into your home, who would it be?
"Chefs are not only artists, but experts with a wealth of information so I love learning from them. My dream teacher would be Jacques Pèpin who I admire both as a chef and teacher. I learn by doing so I wouldn't have Pèpin make anything for me. Instead, I would cook for him and have him correct me as I went along and explain the proper technique in the moment."
What's Kitchit's main mantra?
"To create joy through food. We believe happiness is getting something we want while joy is giving others happiness. We create joy by empowering chefs to do what they love. Chefs create joy by creating happiness for our members. It's a simple yet virtuous cycle that makes us incredibly passionate about what we are building."
What's one meal you love to eat at home?
"New York strip steak, homemade fettuccine alfredo, and steamed broccoli with sea salt. This became my favorite meal growing up and is my go-to for special occasions."
What are your favorite S.F. dining haunts?
"I'm new to the city, so I love exploring. I went to Lers Ros last night and found my latest obsession. And our office is by Zero Zero, so I end up there at least three times a week."
What S.F. chef would you love to see on Kitchit?
"David Kinch. He's been a role model for several of our chefs on Kitchit and someone who embodies our philosophy."
For more on booking your own dinner party with Kitchit, click here!

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