10 Must-See Kitchens To Inspire A Makeover In Yours

Most days begin and end in the kitchen — late-night snacks, bleary-eyed coffee guzzling, out-of-hand dinner parties — it's the hub of household activity. Therefore, it ought to be bright, light, and clean enough to eat off (aesthetically speaking).
We collected 10 serene kitchen spaces with fresh textures and subtle shades to motivate a transformation in your own eating area. Whether you're doing a full-on cabinet makeover or just need some new accessories to mix it up, click through for inspiration. When in doubt? Paint the walls white. Less is more. And, an occasional pop of red makes everyone hungry.
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Photographed by Lucy Hewett.
Varying shades of cream mixed with marble make this room dynamic while still staying in the same color palette.
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Photographed by Sean Fennessy.
Organizing ceramics and glassware by color on open shelving delivers a more streamlined aesthetic.
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Photographed by Alice Gao.
If you have limited shelving, try using glass slats to keep the cupboard airy.
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Photographed by Gunnar Larson.
Buy one red item and...you're done. This shelving unit breathes energy into the space.
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Photographed by Alice Gao.
Copper accessories are the ideal alternative if you want color, but not color. The metal's subtle and on-trend.
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Nothing brightens up a kitchen faster than white. Create the illusion of lightness by replacing, refacing, or renewing your current drab cabinets and countertops with the sunlight-reflecting hue. For a little help, click over to My Kitchen Planner, Home Depot’s free design and planning tool that helps you to overhaul cooking quarters without overhauling budgets. Or, walk in store to chat with a Home Depot kitchen designer about your makeover plans. Your kitchen's future is looking brighter already. Advertisement
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Photographed by Alice Gao.
Get your DIY on and paint a custom mural on your cabinets. You can always white-wash it back to plain.
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Photographed by Alice Gao.
If you're remodeling a back splash, try thinking beyond the typical tile. This rock wall stands out against pared-down cabinetry.
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Photographed by Winnie Au.
Don't have a lot of money for a refresh? Try the oldest trick in the book and buy flowers. Better yet, buy hearty house plants like geraniums that last forever and thrive indoors.
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Photographed by Katherine Marks.
Okay, so you don't have a kitchen this spacious. Neither do we. But, keeping your cabinets and table in the same texture family (even if they aren't identical) is the definition of streamlined.
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Photographed by Jenny Brandt.
The natural wood crates here add a break from the white. Also, note the subtle, yellow paint inside the cabinets.

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