(These Kindergarten) Kids Tweet The Darndest Things!

Ah, kids these days. As if you haven't noticed all the iPhone-loving babies on the subway or that video of the baby who thinks a magazine is a broken iPad, the days of show-and-tell and story time (as we know them, at least) are long gone. Always on trend, one TriBeCa kindergarten class has added Twitter to their reading, recess, and nap-filled days. Thrice weekly, @JensClass decides together what news from their day (snacks, reflections, etc.) they want to share. The kids are no Tavi-wannabes in content or in pursuit of fame — the feed is totally restricted to parents and friends of the PS-150 group.
Don't judge a class by its Twitter (or the simple fact that they tweet) — it seems the activity is actually benefitting the tiny tweeters. The tots' teacher, (and kid-tweeting pioneer) Ms. Aaron, says the site allows her students to easily reflect on their day and learn how to edit themselves. "What I like about tweeting," says six-year old Adi (short for Adorable, perhaps?), "is that if you run out of room, then you can do, like, an ampersand instead of just writing 'and.'"
Not only does the class' site showcase the new generation of Kids Say The Darndest Things, it also lets the precocious pupils expand their vocab — and brag about it (did you know what an ampersand was in kindergarten?). Come to think of it, as much as we love Twitter, maybe it is better suited for the younger set... not that realizations like that would stop us from using it. (School Book)
Photo: Via The New York Times

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