12 Amazing Kickstarter Kitchen Gadgets

Photo: Courtesy of OLIARTS Studio.
Kickstarter is bursting with the weird, wacky, and wonderful. Included in the "wonderful" category is a variety of kitchen gadgets that would seriously up our food and drink game. Take, for example, an actually functional saran-wrap dispenser, or the spice pen we never knew we needed. Click through to see some of our favorite Kickstarter kitchen finds. The best part: All of the projects have been successfully funded, so buy away!
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Photo: Courtesy of Caveman Factory.
Anton Strainer Bowl

Cleaning your produce is almost as much of a hassle as going out and buying it. You must strain, dry, and finally transfer your purchase into a bowl for storing in the fridge (good luck not losing half of your blueberries to the floor during the process).

The Anton Strainer Bowl eliminates a step — and reduces blueberry casualties — by being a strainer and storage bowl, all in one. Now, you can eat your pasta out of the strainer!
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Photo: Courtesy of NextGen Knives.
NextGen Knives

A trained chef knows that a knife is meant to be held by the blade, pinched between the thumb and index finger. But most of the knives we amateurs use aren't built for the proper grip.

The NextGen San Sebastian knife is made with high-quality steel and a grip that's personalized to your hand contours. Say goodbye to exhausted, calloused chopping hands.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sixfold.

Take your picnic to the next level with this trendy beer-and-wine carrier. Made with eco-friendly, sustainable leather and walnut, Sixfold cuts down on production waste and allows the user to disassemble the carrier for easier transport. Perfect for every beverage, from hipster beers to Lambrusco.
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Photo: Courtesy of OLIARTS Studio.
CinniBird Spice Pen

People love latte art. It permeates our Instagram feeds and makes us smile when we see it in our morning cup of caffeine. But foam palm fronds are impossible to make without the proper equipment and training, and shouldn't we be able to enjoy fun food designs whenever we please?

That's where the CinniBird Spice Pen comes in. This gadget can be filled with a variety of ground spices and herbs (cinnamon, cocoa, paprika, parsley, etc.) and used to draw on almost any food or beverage. Think of all the possibilities! A cute cocoa snowman, a spicy paprika flame...
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Photo: Courtesy of WWU Industrial Design.
Imbue: The Magnetic Tea-Infusing Vessel

We love making a morning cup of looseleaf tea, but the brewing process can sap up a few precious moments of sleep that we're not willing to sacrifice. Imbue simplifies the process and allows users to brew on the go, thanks to a built-in strainer. Bonus: The glass works as an insulator and is shatterproof, so you can throw the Imbue in your bag without risking a leak.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kitchen Safe.
The Kitchen Safe

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of a bag of chips or cookies and thinking, "Maybe just one more"?

Self-control is a difficult skill to master. Thankfully, there's The Kitchen Safe. Users simply place whatever they're trying resist in the safe (snacks, electronics, you name it) and set the timer for any duration. The safe then locks and won't open again until the time runs out.
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Photo: Courtesy of Jarre.
La Denise

La Denise is a set of three carefully-crafted storage units designed to keep produce fresh in an electricity-free environment, or for when you simply don't have enough space in your fridge. The shelves can be placed on a countertop or hung on your kitchen wall.

Now the "it won't fit in my fridge" excuse can't stop you from skimping on your fruits and veggies.
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Photo: Courtesy of Constellation Supply Co.
The Little Dripper Coffee Brewer

You don't have to be a coffee connoisseur or brewmaster to use and love this product. According to the creator, Evan, automatic coffee brewers don't bring water to high enough temps, and most manual brewers are out of date — all of which leads to mediocre cups of joe. The Little Dripper brings quality, sweetness, and ease of use back into your daily pour-over routine.

So even if your tastebuds can't really tell the difference between decent and great, you can rest assured that you're getting the highest quality homemade brew.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kronholm Design Copenhagen.
Kronholm Design Wrap Dispenser

Saran wrap as we know it is a necessary evil. This intuitively designed dispenser takes out the "evil" part, using sharper, higher-quality "teeth" to cut the film. Plus, it looks great on a countertop.
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Photo: Courtesy of SectorQube, Inc..

Remember that Disney Movie Smart House? MAID Oven is the kitchen appliance version of that (minus the creepy, nightmarish parts).

The appliance functions as a microwave, convection oven, and stovetop. The craziest part is that it's connected to a recipe bank on the internet, so the oven actually talks you through the ingredients and instructions. Technology is a scary and wonderful thing.
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Photo: Courtesy of Michael Chou.
Midnight Scoop

The only bad thing about eating ice cream is trying to get it out of the pint without straining a muscle. Created by an engineer, the Midnight Scoop solves that problem with ergonomic design meant to protect the wrist and serve even the most frozen ice cream. Eat on, friends.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sunday Suppers.

This self-proclaimed "collection of essential ingredients for your kitchen and home" will make even your most basic weekday meals feel luxurious. The ILĀ kit comes with a variety of carefully sourced, high-quality ingredients from around the world, including wildflower honey, maple syrup, olive oil, five varieties of sea salt, and nine different spices.

In the mood for a fancier breakfast dish? We recommend sprinkling the Black Lava Salt on your scrambled eggs.

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