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9 Extremely Wild iPhone Pics You Have To See To Believe

Between the rolling Napa hills and pristine SoCal beaches, we're a bit spoiled here in California. But, it can be tough to actually find time to step out and soak in the beauty of our own backyard. Luckily, artist Kevin Russ is here to remind us of the gorgeous West Coast scenes we've been missing.
Dubbed the Ansel Adams of iPhone photography by The Atlantic, Russ captures nature at its finest, shooting exclusively on his smartphone and editing with VSCO Cam. The breathtaking images featured in his forthcoming book, The Western States, were born out of the need to get out of the house and have an adventure.
"I quickly found out the open land brought on nostalgia, and it drove me to keep going," Russ tells us. "I turned those feelings into my life, and moved full-time into my car and basically lived off finding these scenes."
Russ has teamed up with VSCO Cam's artist initiative for a multi-city book tour that hits everywhere from Portland to San Francisco to Los Angeles, so you can score a volume ahead of the launch date on June 17 and meet Russ in person. Can't make it out? We've got nine exclusive images from the arty keepsake right here. Now, who's ready for a weekend adventure?