Tired Of Dumbbells? Get To Know This Instead

Illustrated By Zhang Qingyun.
The kettlebell is a little weighted orb of magic. You can swing it, lift it, and squat with it, and using it properly delivers a simultaneous strength-training and cardio workout. But, just like any new relationship, before falling in love, you should first get to know a bit more about your new partner.
There are three main parts to the kettlebell, and where you hold it varies between exercises. The bell is the circular portion that kind of looks like a bowling ball. Unlike a dumbbell or barbell, which have an even amount of weight on each side of the handle, in a kettlebell the weight is centered in the middle. So, you recruit your core muscles to help keep your body stabilized, turning exercises — such as the basic two-handed swing — into a great workout for your abs as well.
Then there are the horns, which are the part that connects the bell to the handles (the devil-horn looking extensions in the illustration above). And, of course there's the handle. So, now that you’ve read this online profile of the kettlebell, perhaps it’s time to schedule that first date.

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