A-Morir Designer Kerin Rose On Wearing Sweatpants To The Club

Kerin Rose, owner and designer of A-morir
Having just turned the “Dirty 30,” Kerin Rose Weinberg (a.k.a. Kerin Rose) is a self-professed nightlife retiree, which stands to reason. In addition to supplying attention-stealing shades for Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and a generation of club kids through her luxury eyewear brand, A-morir, Rose worked on collaborations with SUPRA Womens and Mata Hari, and launched not-for-profit We Love Your Guts.
She barely has time to sleep, let alone party. But despite the fact that she spends most nights in the studio, Rose's amazing nightlife history keeps her in-the-know with the city's more fabulous nocturnal creatures. So, we cornered the daring designer to talk DJs, Grace Jones, and the restorative benefits of glitter. Read on.

We're used to seeing you out and about, and everyone seems to know you. How did you break into the scene?
"When I was at NYU, I worked at record labels and was out almost every night at shows. I spent a lot of time at what was then a new bar called Lit, partying with rockstars because my bosses told me I had to — not a rough way to make some extra money in school.

"I also worked some great events for David Barton Gym where I met the legendary Susanne Bartsch. We got along, and when she began throwing parties, she hired me to help her out. Since then, I’ve become friends with some of the most beautiful and intelligent people of the nighttime scene, hosting events for Good-Peoples and MeanRed, like their fantastic Dark Disco monthlies."

And now?
“Well, I’m kind of retired from the nighttime scene — though, and I have no idea how, I’ve become hang-out-during-the-day friends with some fantastic DJs. So, whenever Nick Catchdubs (with or without Fools Gold), Jubilee, or out-of-town friends spin or something, I’m there.”

So what's your favorite moment from your storied nightlife?

“I’ve met more than my fair share of incredibly famous and incredibly talented people, and have been completely unfazed — except for the two glorious nights I spent with Grace Jones. I met her at an art event through one of my best friends — the brilliant, beautiful, Grammy-winning Estelle — after which a dozen of us wound up at a restaurant in the Lower East Side. She was seated next to me, and we totally hit it off!

"She showed me photos of her grandchildren, took body shots off of my wrist (I haven’t washed my hand since), and we talked about my work. She asked to buy a few of my pieces and offered me a ride home. The next day, I went to her house and kicked it for a few hours before she went back to England. She wound up purchasing three pieces. She is, to date, the client I am most proud of having on my roster. She is so incredibly kind and brilliant — a talent not of this earth.”
Now, as a vet, do you have any fashion tips for hitting the dance floor? “Wear whatever makes you comfortable. I’ve gone to events in everything from sweatpants, to various states of undress, to beautiful high-end dresses. At the end of the day — er...night — it’s about who you are, not what you wear. Anyone who tells you otherwise is there to get photographed, not to have fun.”

So what are your recovery tips for those nights when you have a little too much fun?
“Maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind can pretty much fix anything. I eat healthily, weightlift often, and I’ve never drank, smoked, or done drugs. I haven’t even had caffeine in almost two years, and, aside from the occasional Tylenol, I don’t take any medications.”

Okay, okay — you’re hangover-proof. But do you have any tips for the rest of us who might not be paragons of healthy living? “On days when I’m incredibly short on sleep and stressed, I drink coconut smoothies, green juices, and a ton of homemade soups and raw vegan desserts. It won’t stop you from feeling shitty that day, but you’ll sleep well and wake up feeling like new the next day. Everything else can be fixed with glitter.”
Glitter…good to know.

Vintage leather jacket; Cycle Sluts from Hell black tank; Tom Tom Fashions white shredded tank; Vivienne Westwood Trousers; Vivienne Westwood Clutch; Dsquared Shoes; Vintage earrings.

Hair and Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci

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