There’s No Need For A Blender With This Smoothie Subscription Service

If you haven't heard about Kencko, I'm honored to introduce you to my new favorite blender-less smoothie subscription service. You read that right — no blender necessary. And virtually no prep either — all you need is Kencko's signature packets of freeze-dried, powders made from organic fruits and vegetables. And with the code FREEBOTTLE, you can get an aesthetically pleasing bottle thrown in for no additional cost.
I've never been good at the whole having-a-balanced-lifestyle thing, which is where smoothies come in. I like to eat the occasional mandarin orange, strawberry, or blueberry if it's right in front of me, but I'm not a buying-fruit kind of person. When I did buy it, it would just go bad after days of me forgetting about its existence. Texture can also be a nuisance: I could be in the middle of eating a banana, realize how gross it feels in my mouth, and suddenly, I'm done eating that banana. But I'm no idiot, I know it's important for my physical and mental health to get my daily veggies and fruits intake (I've been lectured by many a doctor).
Smoothies really are the perfect solution — drinkable and without any unpleasant texture, and, when done right, delicious. But while frozen produce may be optimal, taking out a blender is a hassle in my mind. I'm sure you're thinking: What a bunch of dumb excuses? They're just lazy. And, yeah, fair — but I'm also positive some of you (I hope!) can relate to my plight. All of this is to say, Kencko is the best thing I've discovered in a very, very long time, and something I'll definitely be continuing. It's so, so good.
Whether you're a rush-in-the-morning gal, too-lazy-to-wash-the-blender bestie, or you simply struggle with eating your fruits and veggies, Kencko is a convenient option that works for all kinds of lifestyles. Keep on scrolling to read all about my Kencko smoothie experience.
It's insane how easy this is. Whether you struggle to meet the five-a-day recommended minimum of fruits and veggies or you have your life together and want to exceed that number, Kencko makes it simple to hit your goal. No need to take out a blender — it's all in the 10-ounce bottle. Just shake the powder with milk or water and then chill in the fridge for a minute (or longer if you prefer it even colder). And boom! A smoothie or juice with almost no effort at all. No chopping, no mess, no noise, no freezer-burned strawberries you completely forgot about lurking in the back of your fridge.
Each little packet has 2.5 cups of organic fruits and veggies that's been transformed into powdered form. The produce is freeze-dried soon after harvest, a technique that cuts food waste by up to 30% compared to its fresh counterpart. Choose from a monthly box of 20, 30, or 60 packets with the lowest cost per serving being $2.49. You can also add 10-gram plant protein packs to mix into the smoothies (packs start at $9.90), a four-pack of gumdrops ($12.90) to snack on separately, or a nutrition coaching consultation with a dietician for free.
All 16 different flavors are blended from different combinations of the classic fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients you're used to finding in smoothies and green juices: berries, spinach, ginger, turmeric, etc. Kencko's most popular flavors are Crimsons (acai, banana, strawberry, apple, mango, cinnamon, and chia seeds), Purples (mixed berries, banana, and dates), Greens (spinach, kale, kiwi, pineapple, apple, banana, and ginger), and Peaches (peach, carrot, rhubarb, strawberry, sweet potato, coconut water, baobab powder, flax seeds, and apple).
To make my smoothies, I mix the powder with oat milk, and it turns out so delicious — the perfect balance of sweetness. Even ingredients I was hesitant about (beet and ginger) blended beautifully with my faves (strawberry, blueberry, and orange). For a more traditional, thicker consistency I opt for milk, and for a thinner, more juice-like texture, I'll go for water. Either way, I'm getting tons of fruits and veggies. The flavors that I'll repeatedly add to my monthly box are Purples, Crimsons, and Oranges. I know the price is steep. But considering the amount that you get and that you can cancel it at any time or skip a month, it's so worth it for me. I couldn't recommend it enough, truly.
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