Katy Perry On Broadway: A Teenage Dream Come True?

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The Katy Perry we know today has reinvented herself more times than most of us realize. First, she threw off her gospel chains (and former last name of Hudson) to become a pop superstar. And, she's continued to reinvent herself time and time again. From the braces-wearing nerd in “Last Friday Night” to the tigress/jungle-explorer in “Roar,” we never know what to expect from KP.
Now, another potential reinvention has us excited. Along with Iggy Azalea (obvs), Perry’s been rumored as a possible contender for the upcoming Broadway version of Clueless. Let’s just let that visual sink in: Katy Perry as Cher Horowitz.
As Dionne would say, we’re totally kvelling!
True, KP’s a singer first, but her character-driven videos and penchant for drastic makeovers makes the idea of her as a Broadway triple threat seem totally plausible.
Consider this: The main focus of Perry’s videos are the complicated teenage personalities that makes the Clueless characters so lovable and, most importantly, relatable. Lyrics like, “I wish my skin was just a costume," "I’m gonna love myself the way I want you to love me,” and, “You don't have to feel like a waste of space,” totally speak to residual teen angst. And, even better, she urges us to “show 'em what [we’re] worth,” which she recently did by offering to write a theme song for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Remind anyone of Cher’s community-serving tendencies? #PismoBeach
Between Katy's charisma and the cult of Clueless fans, we may just have the makings of a teenage dream come true. Not convinced? Click through to check out the range of her performances in past music videos.

“Dark Horse”

Can you see it? Pätra, Queen of Memphis, Egypt, casts a spell over the audience. Now all she has to do is bring that same attitude to the stage. It's not likely she'll have a problem, with lyrics like, "Cuz once your mine, there's no goin' back!"

“Last Friday Night”

Nothing shouts "I'm a teenage girl!" better than this video. In fact, by the end, it's almost hard not to wonder if that's who KP really is. Just totally a-dork-able.



We all know Katy is just a perfectly manicured tigress/jungle-explorer at heart.


The amount of extraterrestrial makeup KP pulls off here is hypnotizing and just simply impressive. After this transformation, handling Cher's beauty routine will be a piece of cake.

“Part of Me”

After all that, KP's not afraid to take on subjects that are a bit more controversial. Her fearlessness is something she'll need entering back into the high school scene again. In fact, she not only takes on the role of the marine in this video...

“Thinking of You”

...but goes on to play opposite a solider in this one.

A Countess in “Love Me”

Going from the role of a countess to a Beverly Hills princess? Easy. They're basically the same thing.

“Teenage Dream”

At the end of the day, Katy and Cher have one unequivocal thing in common: They're both girls having some wild fun.

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