Kate Moss to Pen Autobiography—Our Exclusive Fictional Preview!

kate-moss-book-1As you may have heard, Richard Branson, of Virgin fame, has apparently contracted Kate Moss to publish an auto-biography. That's right, the scintillating memoirs of your favorite once-silent-muse-turned-loquacious-rock-star model will be available in your local Barnes & Noble come next year. Oh we can't wait! We were already drooling over the prospect of hundreds of pages of sex, drugs, and rock and roll peppered with photoshoots, international locations, and unseen plot twists rendered in a drowsy, yet hard East London accent. Then, late this afternoon, we received an exclusive chapter-by-chapter breakdown of Moss' forthcoming opus from a unnamed source close to the supermodel that offered a cornucopia of riches beyond our wildest dreams—it may indeed be the David Copperfield of our time.
What will be in Kate's upcoming autobiography? Read on for juiciness!
Chapter 1 - "The Journey Begins - Crydon"
Chapter 2 - "Departures and Arrivals - Discovered in JFK Terminal"
Chapter 3 - "Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"
Chapter 4 - "Awaking the Waif Within - Meisel and Me"
Chapter 6 - "Broken Hotel Furniture and Broken Hearts - My Year With Johnny Depp"
Chapter 7 - "Cocaine"
Chapter 8 - "Dazed & Confused - Jefferson Hack and Our Little Lila"
Chapter 10 - "Making Sweet Music With Mr. Doherty"
Chapter 11 - "Cocaine Part II"
Chapter 12 - "A Phoenix From the Ashes"
Chapter 13 - "Topshop Lookbook S/S 2009"
Ok, ok, maybe this isn't real. That doesn't stop it from being as true as if it came straight from the horse's Queen Kate's mouth.
Photo by Mario Sorrenti

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