Karl Lagerfeld Launches A Personal Blog, Not So Different From Your Own

For the creative set, having a Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can be just as important as having a resume. And while Karl Lagerfeld's resume probably doesn't need any padding, his social media presence is a little less there than his personality.
To fete his new masstige collection for his own brand, he recently launched a web site that includes e-commerce, lookbooks, and a personal Tumblr-esque blog. Called "World of Karl," the site probably isn't all that different from your own blog. It involves pics of him and his new friends, his favorite quotes, lists of the stores he loves, and little snippets of his hobbies.
Although, his new friends include Azaelia Banks, his favorite quotes issue from his own lips, the stores he loves include the super high-end Lydia Courteille and E.B. Meyrowitz, and his hobbies include guest editing for major international magazines. But really, potato, potahto, right?

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