Okay, Karl, You Win. Choupette Might Be The Cutest Cat To Ever Exist

When we first heard about Choupette, we loved imagining King Karl lounging with a mewing little furball, but we also felt a little sad that he snatched the kitty from Baptiste Giabiconi when he was kitten-sitting (he's a cat burglar! Ha!). But now, yeah. We can't fault him anymore. If we had the opportunity to snatch up Choupette, we'd leap on the opportunity like the little feline on an iPad.

Photo: Courtesy of i-D

Choupette certainly has the life (hiding in Céline bags! Her own maids!), but don't forget: Deep down in that caramel-coated fur and those icy blue eyes is, yep, a playful little kitten. And, in case you think that Choupette is all fancy finery, these new pictures released by i-D show a goofy, curious cat that is SO beyond cute. So, yes, you are forgiven, Uncle Karl. If given the chance, we would have absconded with this precious purr-machine in .02 seconds. She might not love living in a one-bedroom in New York as much as a Monaco mansion, but despite her lush upbringing, she's just a pretty kitty — she can make due with some string and attention. (i-D)
Photo: Courtesy of i-D

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