A Lesson In Using Insane Color In Your Apartment — In 4 Ways

Intense, saturated color sounds terrifying, until you see it executed well in someone else's home. Then, suddenly, you may think, Hey, yeah, I could definitely try a tamer version of that. At least, that's our sentiment. After seeing designer Karim Rashid's Hell's Kitchen home tour in the latest issue of New York magazine's Design Hunting issue, we're suddenly considering purply-pink hues in our own apartments.
It's poppy and cheerful and totally mod — just what's needed during the dreary winter months. And, editor of the issue Wendy Goodman told us in an email that it's a trend she's seeing more and more. "I think people are definitely using color in bolder ways, as with Karim, who's always done it — also, for example, Dustin O'Neal in his tiny apt — to define and elevate spaces," she says. You just need to start with a clean palette, and then add the right color doses, depending on your adventure level. Click through for our four takeaways from Karim's '60s, graphic space and then head over to New York for the rest of the bright, inspiring Design Hunting issue.

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