Kanye To Launch Charter School And Millions Of Other Things

As any of you who have a Twitter account might already know Parisian designer Kanye West spent yesterday evening slamming out a maddening, meandering, and totally awesome series of 140-character missives that included his fashion plans, charitable initiatives, and educational agenda. Yeezy claims he’s set up a new foundation – DONDA, after his late mother – that will simultaneously change the face of fashion, art, education, science, technology, education, the corrections system, music, film, the MTV awards, and so much more. West, who seems to have found a new form of humility (quote: “I know this is not a very rapper thing to say but I haven't bought a new car or piece of jewelry in about 2 years...”), seeks to combine the spirits of Steve Jobs, Alexander McQueen, and Michael Jackson, to, “collectively effect the world trough design.” He even hopes to open a summer school with Jackass co-creator Spike Jonze.
Frankly, we hope every word of it is true. Who wouldn’t want to send their kids to the New Model West-Jonze Preparatory School from K to 12? Who wouldn’t want their prison jumpsuits designed by Nicola Formichetti? Who wouldn’t want a dancing, singing iPad covered in skull-shaped diamonds? Hell, maybe if Kanye and Shaun White team up, they can have cancer cured by August!

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