Juniper Box Delivers Treats For That Time Of The Month

juniper-600Photos: courtesy of Juniper Box
Boy, do we love a good subscription box. What started with beauty boxes and foodie subscriptions has evolved into an entire adorable, be-ribboned industry. You can get monthly jam boxes, accessory boxes, and boxes full of bacon. But this latest concept might be our all-time favorite.
Meet Juniper Box: a service that provides goodies of all kinds, tailored specifically for that week when you just want to stay home and eat chocolate and corn chips. Or chocolate covered corn chips. (Someone please invent that, okay? Okay.) Imagine if the PMS fairy left a box of soothing, indulgent treats on your doorstep every 28 days? Juniper Box is that fairy.
Every month, Juniper curates a unique package filled with snacks, teas, and beauty treatments to help you feel a little less like a period-monster. Your box (which comes at the affordable and winky cost of $28/month), will also be stocked with a month's supply of your sanitary products. The best part? Juniper works with most major tampon brands, so you can pick your preferred product and customize the shipment to include how much protection you need.
But let's get to the fun part. Juniper box isn't just throwing any old candy bars in their monthly packages. This stuff is quality. In our first box, we received organic coconut chips, lemongrass tea, caramel stroopwafels, buttery chocolate-chip cookies, and a cardamom-scented massage candle. Take that, flo! Surfing the crimson wave just got a hell of a lot more fun.

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