5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 27 2012

Jil Sander gracefully moves from the catwalk to a grocery store near you, but this paper is far from gratis. (MTV Style)
Stella McCartney is showcasing her talent for children’s clothes and stretching her literary muscles at the same time. Meet fashion's latest and greatest fictional character, Little Miss Stella. We think she’s, well, stellar. (Vogue UK)
There’s nothing more satisfying than the silent victory of having someone favorite your tweet. Scratch that. Try raising JCPenney’s stock by 9.9 percent with just 140 characters. (Styleite)
We all equally love and hate that inevitable moment when Heidi kicks off one designer with two words, “You’re out.” What we really want to know, though, is the juicy gossip that follows. And finally, we're getting our way. (Racked)
There's really no excuse to wear a scrunchie, unless you're under four feet tall...or wear a leotard to work everyday. Whether it's pig tails, tight buns, or the inevitable elastic fabric hair tie, those gymnasts have certainly kept us on our toes over the years with some daring 'dos and a lot of do nots. (Jezebel)5-things
Photo: Via LN:CC/MTV Style

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